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The Idahone Medium 152x25x6mm ceramic stone is designed for the starting stages of sharpening, has an open ceramic structure, so the best coolant for it is water and water-soluble liquids, although the option of using oils is also possible. Bar Idahone Medium 152x25x6mm is quite hard, extremely weakly subject to abrasion during operation, but despite this it has a high abrasive ability.
One of the most famous manufacturers of ceramics for sharpening cutting tools - IDAHONE (USA) presents a new line of sharpening stones designed for grinding machines. Previously, this manufacturer only produced sharpeners (Ceramic Bench Stone Sharpeners) in 4"x2"x1/2 format. At the moment, users of sharpeners such as Hapstone, Apex, Profile and the like have the opportunity to use sharpeners from IDAHONE in a standard form -factor 6"x1"x1/4". In addition, the abrasive range of ceramics has been expanded, a whetstone for ultra-fine finishing of IDAHONE Ultra Fine has been added.
IDAHONE is one of the few companies that produces ceramics specifically for sharpening needs, and does not adapt (like most ceramic stones on the market) electrotechnical types of ceramics for this purpose. During production, a huge number of factors are taken into account, which are fundamentally important for improving the abrasive processing of steel products and achieving an optimal result when sharpening. For this reason, processing of cutting tools with IDAHONE ceramics gives consistently excellent results, and the uniqueness of its properties makes it simply indispensable for many applications. For example, the ability of ceramics to ideally keep its shape and practically not be developed during use, allows you to create perfectly even chamfers on a cutting tool, and absolute inertness to external influences makes it possible to subject it to intensive cleaning methods (chemical, thermal, etc.), which is especially important when working, for example, with a medical instrument.
IDAHONE offers bars in 6”x1”x1/4” form factor with three grit options: Medium, Fine and Ultra Fine. Medium is based on an open structure ceramic, so it works very aggressively and not much, but it is subject to wear. Fine and Ultra Fine whetstones are based on ceramics with a closed structure, they are very hard and dense, practically do not change their geometry during sharpening, and have a relatively low abrasive ability. Oil-based coolants are recommended for working with these stones.


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