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Scissor sharpening mount for R2, M3 and Pro V8 Hapstone series sharpeners. With the help of this mount, it is possible to sharpen the cutting tool in a fairly wide range of angles from 45 to 78 degrees. It can be not only scissors, but also any other cutting tool with large sharpening angles, for example, cutting knives, etc.

The scissor holder is installed on the platform for interchangeable nozzles and is fixed on it with two bolts. The scissors holder on the front surface has three reed clamps, the middle of which is designed to clamp the blade, and the two extreme ones are supporting, to limit the possible movement of the scissors during sharpening and more secure fixation. The middle latch serves as a clamp and aligns the curved blade of the scissors. In this case, the chamfer is sharpened in a straight line (like a knife) and the sharpening angle is the same everywhere. Two lateral clamps prevent shifting of the scissor blade during sharpening. Unlike most similar designs, designed for sharpening cutting tools with large sharpening angles, the Hapstone mount has a fairly wide support plane, which allows you to even out the bend of the scissors blade with a pressing sponge. This allows you to sharpen more accurately and efficiently.

The sharpening angle can be set by the position of the hinged mounting of the horizontal guide on the vertical stand.


Country of origin
Crimp sharpening range
from 45 to 78 degrees
Cardboard box
Option for scissors
430 g.
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