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Diamond bar on a galvanic bond 150x25x1.6mm with 100% diamond concentration, glued on an aluminum blank 160x25x3mm in size with dovetail ends.

Due to the harder bond and the abrasive grain that protrudes more from the bond, diamond bars with a galvanic bond have a significantly higher abrasive ability than even diamond bars with a copper-tin bond. In fact, such grinding stones as diamonds and elbors on a galvanic bond can be attributed to the most aggressive abrasive tools that have the highest metal removal rate. At the same time, the disadvantage of bars on a galvanic bond compared to copper-tin is that they are not so durable in operation. However, the presented 800 grit bar, in contrast to the bars made according to the classical galvanic technology, has several abrasive-bearing layers and, due to the renewal of the grain on the working surface, has an extended service life.

The range of presented electroplated Cdiamond bars includes grit sizes of 220, 400, 800 and 1200 grit, which can be used to perform all the main stages of sharpening a cutting tool from peeling to finishing.


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