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Gunny Juice Polycrystalline Diamond Emulsion is a slurry that provides a very effective cutting edge finishing method. Gunny Juice diamond grain is created using a proprietary deionization process that disperses diamond particles without agglomerates to produce a narrow sieve of submicron grains. Combined with a very fine grain size distribution of the emulsion, this process results in polishing and finishing of the RC without parasitic scratches.

Gunny Juice is available in 10ml bottles. According to the grain size, Gunny Juice suspensions are available in 0.1 µm, 0.25 µm, 0.5 µm, 1 µm, 3 µm, 6 µm and 9 µm.

To use Gunny Juice emulsion, it must be applied to the lapping surface, spread evenly and allowed to dry. After that, you can work, as usual, on the finishing bar. Lapping platforms can be made of a variety of materials - glass, steel, cast iron, copper, aluminum, plexiglass, plastic, leather, any kind of wood (balsa, beech, alder), nanofabrics, etc.

It must be taken into account that it is impossible to completely remove the diamond grain from the lapping surface, regardless of the density of the backing material used. Therefore, after applying the suspension to the surface, it will be possible to use the emulsion only with a given grain size. Accordingly, it is necessary to have as many laps for application as suspensions with different grain sizes are supposed to be used. It is recommended to remove clogging and working off from the working surface mechanically, for example, using the butt of a knife.

What distinguishes Gunny Juice suspension from other similar products is that it is based on the highest quality diamond powder produced under the strict control and standards of Gunny Juice. Gunny Juice standards substantially exceed the requirements of national abrasives standards in all key sizing factors such as medium range sieving tolerance and main range abrasive particle ratios to the largest and smallest particle sieving ranges. Most regional and national standards (JB for Asia, GOST for the post-Soviet space, ANSI for America) allow a certain percentage of particles in the sieving to be two or more times the micron value indicated on the abrasive emulsion (the highest is ANSI, the lowest is at JB). Gunny Juice standards tend to score many times better in this parameter, even when compared to the more stringent JB standard. This makes it possible to avoid parasitic scratches on the treated surface and to obtain an exceptionally uniform scratch. Also, almost all existing standards allow the presence in the sieving of a certain amount of abrasive grain of a finer fraction (up to the smallest) than indicated for a given suspension. This does not affect the nature of the scratches, but the presence of a certain percentage of finer grains in the emulsion, which in fact does not work, reduces the productivity of the process. Gunny Juice suspensions limit the lower limit of sieving already starting from a grain size of 0.5 µm (!). This significantly increases the performance of Gunny Juice suspensions compared to similar products from other manufacturers.


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