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Diamond bar 150mm x 25mm x 3mm, bond M2-01 or M300 with 100% diamond concentration, abrasive grades from ASN to AC15.
Diamond is an abrasive material of exceptional hardness. However, what makes it unique for metal processing is not so much its high hardness as the features of the crystal lattice, which determine the shape of the grain with sharp cutting edges. Even in case of destruction from mechanical influences during sharpening, the diamond grain is not tumbled, but chipped off, forming the same sharp edges. Therefore, a diamond abrasive tool is able to retain its abrasive ability for a very long time during operation.
Another advantage of diamond stones is that they retain the shape of the working surface when sharpening, which makes it easy to form perfect leads even on extremely hard steels.
Diamond bars of the plant "Poltava diamond tool" are monolayer, i.e. uniformly filled in the volume of the product, diamond grain of the appropriate fraction with 100% diamond concentration with powder grades from ASN to AC15. A copper bundle M2-01 or M300 is used.
Before starting operation, it is necessary to open the working layer of the diamond by removing the copper bond from the surface of the bar with medium grit sandpaper. In the future, when the bar loses its abrasive ability during use, it can be restored by etching the working surface in ferric chloride (the places that cannot be etched are painted over with varnish). If several bars of the same size, but different in grain size, are used at once in the work, they must be immediately marked, indicating the grain size, since it is very difficult to determine the difference in grit value tactilely or visually.
During operation, strong pressure should not be exerted on the bar, since this will not speed up the process, but, on the contrary, it can destroy the crystals of the working layer and the bar will lose its abrasive ability.
Initially, immediately after the first opening of the grain of the working layer, the bar will have a higher cut aggressiveness for some time. This is due to the fact that in the surface layer after the initial exposure, there are abnormally protruding and poorly fixed grains. Over time, the bar will go into working condition (grind), the protruding grains break off or crumble out of the bundle, some of them will again be charged into the bundle. When grinding the bar, they must be used especially carefully, without applying excessive force.
The 150mm x 25mm x 3mm bar form factor is specifically designed for use in grinders such as Hapstone, Apex, Ganzo, etc. It can also be used for manual sharpening of cutting tools. Additional characteristics: Country of origin Ukraine
Manufacturer plant "Poltava diamond tool"
Type Monolayer bar
Applications from cutting edge shaping to polishing
Material diamond concentration 100%
Powder grade diamond powder ASN - AC15
Copper bond M2-01 or M300
Rectangular, flat, full-thickness diamond layer view
Working surface size 150mm x 25mm
Thickness 3 mm
Packing Blister


Country of origin
Abrasive concentration
Abrasive material
Diamond powder АСН - AC15
without aluminum plate
М2-01 or М300
Overall dimensions
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