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The name of the wood species is Amaranth or purple heart / purple tree (Purpleheart / Peltogine spp.). About 20 species of Amaranth are found in the tropical zone of America, but only three of them are of economic importance, growing in the Caribbean region, in Guyana, Suriname, Guiana (fr.) and in the state of Amazonas (Brazil). Amaranth (pkrpkrnoe heart) is a large tree, up to 50m tall and with a trunk diameter of about 1m. Other names for the purple tree are also known - amaranth (USA), koroboreli, saka, sakavalli (Guyana), purperhart (Suriname), pau roxo, amarante (Brazil).

Colour: Creamy white to light pinkish brown sapwood with light brown streaks. Its width is 50–100 mm. It is sharply delimited from the core, which is most often recognized by its unusual coloration: grayish-purple in a fresh cut, in the process of oxidation in fresh air, especially under the influence of ultraviolet, it becomes purple-purple or deep purple. If this process is not preserved with protective coatings, then gradually the purplish color disappears, and the wood acquires a beautiful dark brown color. This coloring is only superficial - when even a thin layer of wood is removed, the original color is restored and preserved until a new oxidation. Homogeneous grain of wood varies in size from fine to medium. The fibers are usually straight, rarely serrated, but always uneven, disordered, which, combined with the variability of gloss and coloring, creates a beautiful striped pattern on radial cuts. The density of the wood varies, but the average is around 880 kg/m³ dry.

In terms of mechanical properties, Amaranth or Purplewood occupies an intermediate position between white oak (from the USA) and Surinamese greenheart, but is distinguished by its exceptional ability to withstand dynamic loads and strong stresses. Amaranth wood is very resistant to aggressive environmental influences.


Breed name
Amaranth, Peltogine (purple heart/purple tree)
Botan. / Latin. title
Peltogine spp.
Growing region
South America
Its dry density
about 880 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125x50x29 mm
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