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Appretto Mild is a leather finishing product from KENDA FARBEN, Italy. Appretto Mild finish is a suspension of natural and synthetic polymeric waxes. After application to the skin, the dressing creates the thinnest elastic film on the skin surface, significantly improves the appearance of the skin surface and gives it a pleasant smell.
After dyeing the skin with deep penetration dyes, the pores on the skin remain open, so the negative effects from the external environment (moisture, ultraviolet, temperature changes, etc.) can adversely affect the properties and appearance of the product. The Appretto Mild dressing not only closes the pores, but also gives the surface of the skin a glossy shade (shine), makes it silky to the touch and emphasizes the natural qualities of the skin, making it lively and velvety. This Appretto Mild finish is colorless (there are options for color finishes, but it is better to carry out the painting process separately from the finish), when applied, it can make the treated surfaces a little darker. Liquid finishes (cream-like finishes are available) are considered to be self-polishing, i.e. not requiring additional polishing after application. But if, after complete drying of the Appretto Mild finishing, the treated surface is polished with a cotton cloth or a soft brush, then the effect of the glossy coating can be significantly enhanced. Appretto Mild can be applied directly to colored leather. But if special requirements are put forward for the uniformity of the coating or simply to improve the result of the finishing treatment, the skin can be treated with Fondo Cream from KENDA FARBEN before applying the finish. In this case, the dressing will lie on the surface of the skin extremely evenly. The Appretto Mild dressing should not be shaken before use, and the application should be done not by being silent, but by gently smoothing the solution over the skin surface in order to avoid the formation of air bubbles, which, when the dressing dries, can leave marks.
The protective film created by the Appretto Mild finish can partially protect the skin from moisture. However, with prolonged exposure to water, it can still pass through the thinnest film of the dressing and damage the skin or spoil its appearance. For more durable moisture protection, KENDA FARBEN's Elixir Water Repellent Emulsion can be applied to the surface of the finished leather, which is guaranteed to make the leather water repellent.

Country of origin Italy
Name Appretto Mild
Type Fittings
Volume 100 ml
Packing Plastic bottle

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