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The BPS1 blade is a blank for making a full-tang knife (full-tang translated from English - full shank - knives in which the blade shank continues until the end of the handle and usually has the same thickness as the blade). The BPS1 blade is made of 65G carbon steel. The length of the blank blade for the BPS1 knife is 100mm, the total length is 216mm. The thickness of the butt is 2.8mm, the height of the blade is 24mm.
The BPS1 blade has three holes on the shank, two of which are mounting holes for attaching overlays, and the third can be used as a lanyard. The mounting of the overlays can be carried out both with Corby ties and with the help of screw ties or mosaic pins. The BPS1 blade is ordered to a hardness of 57-59 HRC. The BPS1 blade has Scandinavian descents (Scandi grind), i.e. the descent is combined with the approach, reduction to zero.
Since the BPS1 blade is made of carbon steel, which is prone to corrosion, a knife made from this blank must be thoroughly washed and wiped dry after use. In case of need for long-term storage, the knife blade must be lubricated with oil. The inconvenience of the low corrosion resistance of the BPS1 blade is compensated by the excellent cutting characteristics.

Country of origin Ukraine
Brand BPS1
Blade length100mm
Blade height24mm
Thickness 2.8mm
Total blade length216mm
Hardness57-59 HRC
Steel65g (similar to 1066)
Design Features Sharpened, Scandinavian descents (Scandi grind)
Mountingconsignment note
Weight105 gr.
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