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Blade 150 cm made of M390 steel is a blank for the manufacture of a knife for mounted mounting. The total length of the blade with the shank is 235mm. The thickness of the butt is 4.5mm, the height of the blade is 29mm.
The blade is hardened to the optimum hardness for M390 steel of 62 HRC, it is not sharpened, the convergence is 0.3 mm. In the process of manufacturing the blade, the process of thermal cycling treatment, as well as cryotreatment, was used, which made it possible to significantly improve the main indicators of steel.
The blade has a stonewash finish. Stonewash is essentially the usual tumbling treatment of a pre-prepared and etched blade surface. This metal surface treatment has both a protective and decorative function. It gives the knife blade an original "brutal" appearance, the surface becomes matte and inhomogeneous. The final appearance of the surface is determined by the type of filler, the intensity and time of the tumbling process, as well as the type of initial pickling of the metal. The tumbling process increases the strength and durability of the blade, creates a stable anti-reflective coating, and also hides light damage and dirt on the blade surface (scratches, dents, fingerprints, etc.). The stonewash coating is mainly used only in the production process for the manufacture of premium knives.
Steel M390 is one of the most popular knife steels, it is produced by the world famous metallurgical concern Bohler and belongs to the third generation of powder materials produced by this company. The original and main use of M390 steel is the manufacture of foundry molds. However, due to its unique properties, M390 steel has found wide application in the production of various types of industrial knives and machine parts in the food industry.
M390 steel has gained its popularity in the knife industry thanks to the unique technology of powder metallurgy. Due to this, M390 steel has a uniform distribution of particles, including carbides, as well as the absence of various undesirable impurities in its composition. This most positively affects its physical and mechanical properties. The carbon content in the composition of M390 is 1.9%, which ensures high hardness of the steel. With proper heat treatment, the hardness reaches 62 HRC. A large amount of chromium - 20%, directly affects the corrosion resistance of steel. The composition also includes other alloying elements, such as: vanadium - 4%, molybdenum 1%, silicon 0.7%, tungsten 0.6% and manganese 0.3%. Therefore, thanks to the unique production technology and well-balanced composition, M390 steel has a number of advantages over other steels: high hardness, high corrosion resistance, good machining parameters (grinding, polishing), toughness (allows the knife to effectively withstand side loads), high wear resistance.
M390 steel belongs to the segment of expensive alloys, therefore it is used mainly for the manufacture of premium segment knives. However, the durability and unpretentiousness in operation of knives made of M390 steel made it one of the most purchased and popular in the knife community.

Country of origin Ukraine
Blade length150mm
Blade height29mm
Thickness 4.5mm
Overall length with shank235mm
SteelM390 (Bohler)
Hardness62 HRC
Convergence 0.3mm
InstallationFor flush-mounted installation
Surface treatment Stonewash
Weight95 gr.
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