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Blade 115 cm Vanax SuperClean steel is a blank for the manufacture of a knife for mounted mounting. Descents from the butt. The total length of the blade with the shank is 183mm. The thickness of the butt is 3.5mm, the height of the blade is 30mm.
The blade is hardened to the optimum hardness for Vanax SuperClean steel of 60 HRC, it is not sharpened, the convergence is 0.2 mm. The shank has a through hole for a fixing pin.
The uniqueness of this blade, for the most part, lies in the steel used. Vanax 37 (Vanax SuperClean) steel is a powdered nitrogen alloy from the Austrian-Swedish corporation Bohler-Uddeholm (developed by Uddeholm). Official name used by the developer: Vanax SuperClean. It is a fine-grained, wear-resistant steel with high corrosion resistance. Steel is produced by solid-phase nitriding of sprayed powders. This steel is the hardest stainless steel for cutting tools. The uniqueness of this steel is due to the low carbon content, which, as a rule, gives hardness to the blades. Instead of carbon, nitrogen is used, which gives phenomenal rigidity to the metal and corrosion resistance. Due to these characteristics, Vanax 37 blades keep sharpening for a long time, and the blade does not crumble under extreme loads.
Vanax SuperClean is a new generation of steel with radically different parameters from everything we are used to in the knife industry. Vanax SuperClean is the long-awaited answer to the market demand for durable all-stainless steel. Despite the fact that this steel was originally developed not for making knives at all, but for injection molding and compression (transfer) molding - the combination of the corrosion resistance of austenitic stainless steel (such as AISI 316L), with a hardness of 60 HRC and the wear resistance of tool steel for cold processing - opens up fundamentally new opportunities for knife makers. Vanax SuperClean steel for phenomenal corrosion resistance in the most aggressive environments. Another distinguishing feature of this steel is that the unique properties of this material ensure reliable operation of the knife in the most extreme conditions. Its hardness does not depend on the ambient temperature, as it happens with conventional steels. You don't have to be afraid to put your Vanax SuperClean blade under extreme stress, even in the coldest temperatures you'll encounter outside the home. In addition to these advantages of Vanax SuperClean steel, it also has: very high wear resistance, very high compressive strength, high adhesive wear resistance, good toughness, excellent abrasion resistance and at the same time it has excellent machinability.
Information about Vanax SuperClean steel would not be complete without the composition of this steel. It really impresses with its diversity. Vanax SuperClean alloying percentages: 0.36(C), 18.2(Cr), 0.3(Mn), 1.1(Mo), 0.18(Ni), 0.19(P), 0.3(Si), 0.01(S), 3.5(V) ), 0.06(W), 1.55(N), 0.05(Co), 0.09(Cu), 0.005(Al).

Country of origin Ukraine
Blade length115mm
Blade height30mm
Thickness 3.5mm
Overall length with shank183mm
SteelVanax SuperClean (Vanax 37)
Hardness60 HRC
Convergence 0.2mm
InstallationFor flush-mounted installation
Weight70 gr.
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