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Blank for bolster MH19 nickel 300x40x2.5mm
Melchior is a copper-nickel alloy resistant to corrosion. Resistance to oxidation and chemical destruction allows it to be used as a structural material in products exposed to contact with aggressive environments.
Melchior is a copper-nickel alloy. Copper (Cu) and nickel (Ni) are the main components of nickel, and manganese (Mn) and iron (Fe) may be present in small quantities. Melchior has high corrosion resistance and good plasticity. This material is used in shipbuilding, medical, as well as in apparatus construction and in the production of dishes and coins.
Melchior (German Melchior, distorted French Maillot-Chorier) is a single-phase alloy of copper with nickel, sometimes with additions of iron and manganese, named after the French inventors Maillot and Chorier from Lyon, who created their alloy in 1819 year.
Its main practically useful property is its high corrosion resistance in sea and fresh water and in an atmosphere of dry gases. Among the mechanical properties of the alloy, high strength should be noted, which is provided by the presence of nickel in its composition. The higher the percentage of Ni in a particular brand of nickel, the higher its strength. The described material has good plasticity, which belongs to the group of technological properties. This allows processing of the described alloy under pressure both in hot and cold conditions. It is also soldered and polished well.
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