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A specialized plastic box for storing water stones from SHAPTON (Japan) is made of high-quality impact-resistant plastic. The box has overall dimensions of 222x88x37 mm and is designed to store water stones, with a working area up to 210x70mm and up to 20mm thick. Ideal for storing water stones such as Naniwa Professional Stones, Naniwa Sharpening Stones, NANIWA Combi Series Stone in size 210x70x20mm. The bottom of the box is perforated with through holes to remove excess moisture, which allows the stone to “breathe”. The bottom of the box is raised a few millimeters above the level of the table due to rubberized legs, which ensures effective ventilation of the stone through the bottom holes. To improve air circulation around the stone, stiffening ribs are also made inside the box (on the bottom and along the side walls), which do not allow the stone to come into contact with the walls and bottom of the box and minimize the contact of the stone with plastic.
A plastic box for water stones can also serve as a sharpening stand. The lid of the box is equipped with special stop boards, within which a stone can be fixed, with a working plane size of up to 210x70mm. This kind of stand for a grindstone increases the height of the surface of the bar above the level of the table by 33 mm, which is quite enough for comfortable work. As already noted, the legs of the box are rubberized. This prevents slippage even on a wet mounting surface.
Boxes are available in 10 colors. A variety of colors is useful when using several boxes for stones with different grit to associate the color of the box with the grain of the stone. Stones should be stored in a box without the use of any kind of seals and gaskets.
Colors of boxes for storage of water stones: white; orange; raspberry; golden; yellow; blue; green; blue; dark blue; violet. Additional characteristics: Producer - SHAPTON
Overall dimensions - 222x88x37 mm;
Maximum internal size - 210x70x20 mm
Stone lifting height on a support -33 mm;
Production - Japan

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