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Bokote - a species of trees that grows in Central and South America, its subtropical and tropical parts, belongs to the cordia family. The height of Bokote trees reaches 30 meters, and the thickness of the middle trunk is 1 meter. This is a rather rare plant, belonging to exotic, valuable and exclusive species. Bokote has a very high density, one of the largest in the world among woods. The density of wood is close to ebony and is: according to the Brinell scale, about 940 kg / m3 (max. 1100 kg / m3), and the hardness is about 5.5 kgf / mm square.
The color of Bokote wood varies from golden to brown with a greenish tinge. The main beauty of the Bokote wood species is the surface pattern. There may be interesting specimens with all sorts of interspersed, striped patterns, often the pattern resembles a bird's eye (Bird's eye). The texture with pronounced growth rings casts gold, dark coffee, with a slight oily sheen. Handles and decorative elements made of Bokote wood are considered more durable, strong and resistant to temperature changes, humidity, and mechanical stress. Despite the high density, Bokote wood is quite easily machined and polished well. This material is almost impossible to confuse with others - it is very distinctive and original, and after processing, a characteristic oily sheen appears.
Bokote wood does not warp, there is no deformation of any kind. Resistance to parasites and decay is average, but with proper care and initial proper processing, there are no problems with this. Bokote wood is an excellent solution for making knife handles and other cutting tools. Combined with a special resistance to mechanical damage, this is a very good choice of material that will last for decades without visible changes in appearance.

Breed name Bokote
Botan. / Latin. nameCordia gerascanthus
Growing regionCentral and South America
Its dry density is about 940 kg/m3
Hardness5.5 kgf/m2
Texture expressivenesscontrasting
Good resistance to stress
Stability high
Sanding/polishing excellent
size 125x49x29mm


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Cordia gerascanthus
Growing region
Central and South America
Its dry density
about 940 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х42х29 mm
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