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Stone Boride Golden Star series, 600 grit, standard size - 152x12x6mm (6”x1/2”x1/4”). The average grain size in sieving is 10 µm. Stone category Medium, designed for medium stages of sharpening. Used to remove scratches from previous sharpening steps, such as after a 400 grit stone. The recommended grit for the subsequent Golden Star series Boride stone in the 600 grit stage is 800 grit (ANSI).
Grinding stones manufactured by Boride Golden Star EDM series belong to one of the latest developments of BORIDE Engineered Abrasives. The abrasive grain of this stone is aluminum oxide, the bond is ceramic. As you know, each series of abrasive bars from Boride has its own distinctive features and also its highly specialized application. The main purpose of the Golden Star series is the processing of carbon steels. Among the features that distinguish this series in Boride products, I would like to note two.
The first is the more stringent requirements for the sieving of aluminum oxide abrasive grains, which implies a more careful selection in terms of composition and minimization of tolerances in terms of parameters. As a result, the abrasive in the bars of the Golden Star series is located more densely, the working surface is a more regular structure with a uniform, uniform distribution of similar grains in the working area. This feature explains why Golden Star EDM, unlike other series of Boride cameos, has only 7 levels of grit of abrasive bars: 150; 220; 320; 400; 600; 800 and 1000 grit. The effect is the same as in Arkansas abrasives, when a relatively coarse grain (in Arkansas on average about 6 microns) works finer than a stone with a much finer abrasive. This is due to the fact that the grains have a small spread in size and evenly and densely exit with their tops into the working area of ​​the bar.
The second feature is rarely mentioned, but it significantly affects the comfort of working with abrasives of this series. The intergranular space in the Golden Star bars is impregnated with a special anti-friction compound.
If we talk about the work of the Golden Star EDM series Boride bars with various lubricating fluids, then in fact any coolant, both water-based and oil-based, can be used with these stones. Boride develops its own lubricating fluids and recommends using them, because in combination with the anti-friction impregnation composition of the stone, they give the best result. Water or soapy water is suitable for working with this series of stones, but often does not combine well with the processing of carbon steels (which, in fact, the Golden Star series is intended to work with) due to the possible formation of rust.
Boride stones of the Golden Star EDM series do not require special care, which differs from the regulations provided for other abrasives. You can clean and wash the stones in water using a brush and soapy water. Alignment of working surfaces is carried out on glass using silicon carbide powder. Store stones preferably in a wooden organizer made of planed non-coniferous wood.


Country of origin
BORIDE Engineered Abrasives
Golden Star
Grain Grading in Series
150, 220, 320, 400, 600, 800, 1000grit
Stone size
Type of stone
"apex" for sharpener
Abrasive material
aluminium oxide
with the possibility of sticking on the form
Recommended coolants
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