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Boride PC 320 grit, PC series (Polisher's Choice) has a standard size of 152x25x6mm (6”x1”x1/4”). The average grain size in sieving is 30 µm. The stone of the Coarse category is intended for the final stages of peeling when forming chamfers on a new cutting tool, repairs (removal of notches and chips) and starting grinding operations. Can be used either as an initial stone in the process of grinding previously sharpened and blunted cutting tools, or to remove scratches from coarser stages of roughing, for example, after a 220 grit stone. The recommended grit size for the 320 grit step following the T2 Boride stone is 400 grit (ANSI).
The Boride PC (Polisher's Choice) series of abrasive whetstones are premium aluminum oxide sharpening stones made using a unique technology. This series in the Boride classifier is assigned to the section of Stones for special use (SPECIALTY POLISHING STONE). The recommendations for use indicate that the Boride PC series works equally well with both carbon tool steels and chromium (stainless) steels, as well as high alloy steels (quick cutters). Those. in its intended purpose, this series of stones covers almost all types of steels that can be encountered in the knife theme, and works equally well with all of them. PC stones have a soft structural bond that allows them to cut hard steels. Therefore, the Boride RS series has a very wide range of processed steels (the softness of the bond, normalized for Boride on a 5-point scale for the RS series, is 3). Also in the Boride PC series of stones, a complex composite abrasive grain is used. Those. a fine abrasive is bonded, forming a larger grain, and then this grain is multi-stage combined into larger conglomerates. The destruction of this grain, with the formation of a finer fraction, but also with a high degree of abrasive ability, occurs moderately to rapidly (4 on a 5-point scale). This provides the PC series stones with a very high metal removal rate even on bars with high grit, at the same time it improves the surface finish even on coarse-grained bars.
The Boride PC series is impregnated, i.e. a solid filler of the inter-abrasive space with a special compound was used, which prevents clogging during sharpening and reduces coolant consumption during use. It is recommended to sharpen using Boride PC series whetstones only with lubrication. To do this, it is better to use either Boride PREMIUM STONING OIL or BORI-LUBE 10, which are best combined with the inter-abrasive impregnation of the Boride PC bars.
The Boride PC series is available in a grit range from 150 to 1200 grit and a wide variety of sizes. For the needs of new sharpening, the most commonly used form factors are 152x25x6mm (6”x1”x1/4”) or 152x12x6mm (6”x1/2”x1/4”).


Abrasive material
aluminium oxide
Gradation of grain in a series
150, 220, 320, 400, 600, 900, 1200
The size
60 grams
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