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Bubinga or Gwiburtsia, like most valuable exotic African tree species, has a huge number of different names associated both with the region of growth (for example, kevazingo - Gabon, essingang - Cameroon), and due to similarities with other species - African rosewood , African rosewood, etc. Bubinga grows in the rainforests of equatorial Africa, near rivers and lakes, in periodically flooded areas. The most extensive distribution of Bubinga is concentrated mainly in Cameroon and Gabon. The Bubinga tree reaches a height of 24–30 m with a diameter of 1 m or more. The core is light red-brown in color with beautiful pink or red veins. Sapwood is lighter in tone. The wood is hard and heavy. Dry density from 800 to 960 kg/m³. Bubinga wood differs from other types of exotic trees primarily in the variety of textures. It has clearly visible growth rings, and the beauty of the texture pattern is a consequence of frequent changes in the direction of fiber growth and other growth deviations. Because of this, Bubinga is found with the most diverse figured pattern of wood texture, which even has its own classification: pommele (pommel), flame, bird's eye, waterfall, quilted, motley, etc. As a rule, Bubinga fibers are straight or blocked, the texture is medium-fine, even with a pleasant natural sheen. Bubinga wood is heavy, dense, hard and moderately elastic. Bubinga products are very durable. Bubinga wood is resistant to harmful environmental factors - moisture, ultraviolet, insects. Lightweight and stable to handle. Well polished, moderately impregnated. Most of Bubinga's wood is used to make decorative veneer. However, it is also used for the production of luxury furniture, musical instruments, interior cladding, cars and aircraft, and of course, Bubinga wood is ideal for making tool handles of various kinds, including cutting ones. / latin. the name Guibourtia spp. Growing region Equatorial Africa Dry density up to 960 kg/m3 Polishing/grinding excellent


Breed name
Bubinga or Gviburtsia
Botan. / Latin. title
Guibourtia spp.
Growing region
Equatorial Africa
Its dry density
960 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125х47х27 mm
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