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Ruby ceramic whetstones are used for fine sharpening knives with the Hapstone or Edge Pro knife sharpener. The stone has an extremely high degree of hardness.

Ruby Ceramic practically does not wear out over time. Ultra-fine ceramic stones provide a superior cutting edge finish.


Ruby ceramic stones can be used without lubricants. Alternatively, oil or water may be used as a lubricant.

Ruby ceramic stones do not have minor defects.

Ruby ceramic stones do not require any preparation. This is a great advantage because the difficulty of lapping ceramics is very high.
Type: Bar
Variety: Edge Pro
Presales: Leveled and finished, Chamfered, Aluminum blank
Material: Ruby Ceramic
Size 150 x 25 x 6 mm
Scope: For fine-tuning
Recommended coolants: Olive oil, Oleic acid, WD-40

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