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The name of the wood species is Ebiara (Ebiara / Berlinia / Berlinia). Ebiara is a large deciduous tree (up to 42 m high and up to 1.2 m trunk diameter), which grows throughout West Africa in various types of plantations. Most of the most valuable tree species are found in the strip (zone) of tall forests in Sierra Leone, Liberia, the Ivory Coast, Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon. Other names for this breed are ebiara (Liberia and Gabon), ekpogoi (Nigeria), abem (Cameroon).

Wood color: The color of the heartwood varies from light red to dark red, with purple or brown irregular streaks. The sapwood is pink when cut fresh, becoming whitish or greyish when exposed to the weather. The texture of the wood is large, the fibers are usually tangled-gray, sometimes very uneven. The wood is moderately hard and moderately heavy. Density varies, but averages 720 kg/m³ dry.

Ebiara wood is moderately resistant to aggressive environmental influences. Easily worked with hand tools and machine tools, the dullness of the cutting tool on Ebiara wood is moderate. The recommended cutting angle is up to 20°. Wood takes stains well and sticks together satisfactorily, holds nails well.

Recommended for the manufacture of everyday products, furniture, as well as joinery and carpentry cabinetry. In the operational sphere, Ebiara is suitable for the same purposes as oak. Ideal for making knife handles and hand tools.


Breed name - Ebiara (Ebiara)

Botan. / Latin. name - Berlinia / Berlinia

Growing region - Western Africa

Its dry density is about 720 kg/m³

Recommended cutting angle - 20 degrees

Polishing / grinding - good

Susceptibility to dyes - good

Adhesion - satisfactory


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Growing region
West Africa
Its dry density
about 720 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
125x50x29 mm
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