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Iroko is called African oak or African teak and this wood is indeed a substitute for teak. Other names for this tree are abang, amoreira, bang, flounder, lusanga, Nigerian teak, odum, oroko, osan, rokko, moreira rule, semli, chamfutu. In terms of hardness, this material competes with the most durable wood species.
Iroko is a tropical tree that is distributed throughout almost the entire forested part of the African continent. In height, Iroko trees can reach up to 50 meters, and in trunk diameter - up to 3 meters. The texture of the wood is uniform, but the Iroko wood fibers are dense and intricate, the pattern consists of stripes and strokes, and the coloring of the wood looks very impressive. The specific gravity of dry Iroko is 630 kg/m3, and the Brinell hardness is 3.5 kgf/mm2. The color of the wood is initially yellowish, darkens over time and becomes rich, golden with hints of brown. Iroko wood is well machined, glues well and polishes well. Iroko wood contains a large amount of essential oils, which makes it very resistant to any adverse environmental influences. Iroko is used where strength and durability are most important - this wood is an excellent choice for making knife handles and other cutting tools. Combined with a special resistance to mechanical damage, this is a very good choice of material that will last for decades without visible changes in appearance. At the same time, Iroko is significantly cheaper than tree species of similar parameters.

Breed name Iroko
Botan. / Latin. NameMilicia excelsa
Region of growthAfrica
Its density in a dry state is about 630 kg/m3.
Hardness3.5 kgf/sq.m.
Good resistance to stress
Stability high
Good adhesion
Grinding/polishing is good


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Milicia excelsa
Growing region
Its dry density
near 630 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
120х55х28 mm
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