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Bar of acacia burl - 126x50x32mm

Acacia wood is a valuable tree species. The core of the trunk occupies almost the entire diameter of the trunk. The color of the core is dark brown, greenish-yellow, grayish, brown. The sapwood is very narrow and much lighter than the heartwood, usually of light yellow hues. Annual rings and vessels are clearly expressed. Because of this, acacia wood has a very beautiful texture, shines and shimmers with various shades.

The strength of acacia wood is very high. Fairly dense. It is comfortable to work with acacia wood. It is easy to cut, polish, grind, bends well. This applies to raw acacia wood. When dried, acacia wood becomes very dense and is no longer so easy to process.

Acacia wood perfectly resists rot, corrosion, fungus, mold and pest attacks. Density about 780 kg/m³.

The color of acacia wood is very diverse. It shimmers in beautiful, varied shades. If the wood is exposed to direct sunlight, then it acquires more saturated, noble shades, and does not “fade”, like some other types of wood.

Acacia wood is well glued, can be painted, tinted, fastened. Floor coverings, furniture, doors are made from it. Ideal for making knife handles and hand tools.

A cap is a rounded outgrowth on a tree (trunk or branches), filled with small woody nodules of dormant (overgrown, but not developed) buds. Many branches often grow from such growths. Since each such kidney has a formed rudimentary ring structure, the cut of such wood has a characteristic “malachite” texture, which looks very nice on the handles, especially if it is “showed” with the help of impregnations and dyes. Burl carving is rarely used as the pattern of the carving is superimposed on the grain pattern of the wood.


Breed name
Botan. / Latin. title
Growing region
Its dry density
near 780 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
126х50х32 mm
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