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A small "handheld" measuring 54x43x14mm made of the legendary breed of grinding stones - Korgon Spear Jasper is intended mainly for use in field conditions. The size of the stone, as well as its abrasive ability, are very convenient for the rapid restoration of the cutting properties of the knife without the use of any additional devices. Jaspers are a very traditional stone for use as small camp handhelds. In ancient times, it was small pieces of finished jasper that warriors carried with them in order to keep their edged weapons in order. And the Vikings had neck amulets made of jasper, with the help of which they brought their axes to razor sharpness at rest.
Korgon spear jasper is a very rare and unique stone - one of eight varieties of numerous Ural jaspers, which is mined in the Korgon deposit (Korgon Range, Altai). Korgon spear jasper is an extremely hard and dense rock, but it also has a very high abrasive ability. If we compare Korgon jasper with abrasive stones of the same class, for example, Arkansas stones, then at a comparable speed of work it is thinner and more uniform, and the resulting surface finish is better than that of Arkansas Translucen-a. Also in favor of Korgon spear jasper is the comparison with baicalite, the work of jasper is thinner and more uniform. All in all, Korgon Spear Jasper is an exclusive lapping stone whose main advantages are uniformity, work speed and wear resistance. Recommended coolant - oil, water.
The handheld has a flat working surface, but is not polished; fine finishing on silicon carbide powder is required before use.

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