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Breed name
Santos palisander
Botan. / Latin. title
Machaerium scleroxilon
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Rosewood is a special type of wood, characterized by high hardness, resistance to the negative effects of external factors and pests, wear resistance, decorative and aesthetic qualities. This material is among the rarest and most expensive in the world. The trees that give it grow on the territory of some states of the Middle East, in Indonesia, India, and South America.
Rosewood includes several types of trees, the wood of which is considered precious. The offered bars belong to the variety of Bolivian rosewood, or Santos rosewood (Santos palisander or Santos Rosewood). A characteristic feature of these trees is considered to be extremely slow growth - a full-fledged mature trunk is formed for about 200 years, which does not allow these valuable species to be quickly bred. In diameter, such species reach from 30 to 150 cm, the average height is up to 12–25 m. The great demand for rosewood wood has led to the almost complete disappearance of many varieties of trees.
The sapwood of these species is thin - from 3 to 15 cm, depending on the diameter of the trunk, has a whitish or light yellow color. The hue of the kernel varies from golden to brick, burgundy or dark chocolate, often with contrasting purple or darker streaks. The color scheme of "rosewood" is diverse. It has been noticed that older rosewood is darker; over time, its color can become even more saturated. There is almost no gloss in wood, its natural surface is matte. The structure is coarse-fibered, almost homogeneous.
In terms of hardness and strength, rosewood is almost 1.5 times superior to oak and resembles ebony. Its density is from 800 to 1000 kg / cu. m. Sawing, cutting, drilling and turning with hand and mechanical tools, rosewood lends itself with great difficulty, which is the cause of frequent blunting and breaking of working surfaces. The tree owes this quality to the high content of lime deposits in the fibers. In this respect, wood is similar to ivory. The material practically does not need painting and etching, as it is unique in itself. A popular method of surface treatment is priming with colorless compounds and polishing with various high-quality waxes, which give it a soft sheen and emphasize nobility. Bonding material tolerates well. Fasteners in wood, due to their strength and hardness, are held perfectly. Both solid wood and valuable wood veneer are successfully used. Applying different directions of the cut, products are obtained from the material that are magnificent in saturation and pattern.
The biostability of rosewood is one of the best. Neither fungus, nor bark beetles, nor termites are able to infect precious wood, unable to cope with it.
The scope of rosewood, despite its unique qualities, is narrow. The rarity and high cost have long made this material accessible not to everyone. Parquet was made from it in palaces and houses of the nobility, parts of musical instruments, furniture elements, interior wall decoration, figurines, collectible chess, caskets, jewelry. Artists used rosewood plates as a starting material for creating miniatures. It can serve for hundreds of years without being deformed, without cracking, without succumbing to damage or decay.
Today, the production of decoration in the salons of limousines, cabins of yachts and extra-class liners can be considered the sphere of application of a valuable material. Cases and necks of expensive guitars are made from rosewood and, of course, the handles of collectible knives are turned, since rosewood is one of the most desirable materials for collectors and lovers of luxury.
When processing any type of rosewood wood, special precautions must be taken to protect the respiratory tract and eyes. A harmful factor that affects a person is wood dust.

Name of the breedPalisander (Santos palisander)
Botan. / Latin. nameMachaerium scleroxylon
Region of growthSouth America
Its dry density is about 870 kg/m3
Good adhesion
The expressiveness of the texture is very contrasting
High load resistance
Stability high


Breed name
Santos palisander
Botan. / Latin. title
Machaerium scleroxilon
Growing region
South America
Its dry density
about 870 kg/m3
Susceptibility to dyes
The size
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