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Rozsutec finishing stone (Rozsutec) is made from rocks mined in Slovakia. The stone material is of a sedimentary nature and is essentially a very dense sandstone. This brand got its name from the name of the largest mountain and the region of the same name, located in the northern part of the country. Manufacturer - REZKAM s.r.o.
The origin of the geological formations of the material of these stones is interpreted as a sedimentary rock, represented by siltstone with a fine silt structure (something in between sand and clay), consisting of grains of quartz, feldspar, mica, etc. The predominant grain size is 10-20 microns. Mineral composition: clay-carbonate cementing mass - up to 80%; quartz - up to 10%; feldspar - up to 7%; mica - up to 5%. It is the carbonates that prevail in the structure of the stone and are basically the fossils of ancient microorganisms and realize the high abrasive ability of this bar. It is close to Arkansas in hardness, conditional hardness on the Mohs scale is 5.
Unlike shale, the suspension is not applied to it, but the stone gives a very good result when working with nagura, both artificial and natural. Since the stone is intended for finishing work, it requires finishing of the working surface before use; without finishing, it can leave single scratches on the supply, visible under a microscope. Despite the fact that the abrasive ability and performance of this stone is lower than that of Arkansas, working with it leaves a very pleasant impression, and the result obtained is of high quality and predictable.
When sharpening, you can use both clean or soapy water, and various oil-based coolants.
The color of the stone is dark gray with light brown veins.
Approximate grit - 6000-8000 grit.
Ideal for finishing narrow tools and difficult steels.
The stone is used mainly with water.
The microcrystalline finely porous structure of the stone slowly absorbs water. When used with water, the stone can be soaked in water for a minimum of 10 minutes before sharpening, or simply wet the work surface. Additional Features: Color dark gray with light brown veins
Type - finishing stone
Size - 200*60*30 mm;
Country of origin - Slovakia


Country of origin
6000-8000 grit
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540 g.
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