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Bars of decorative jasper for finishing, used for finishing finishing work. The difference between decorative jasper and technical jasper is mainly in the visual uniformity of the structure and cost (decorative ones are more expensive). Technical jasper is a relatively evenly colored gray-greenish breed. Decorative jasper - have an intricate multi-colored pattern (interspersed with transparent quartzites, and rocks of gray, greenish, red and yellow colors) is very beautiful, which is why they are valued as an ornamental stone. However, with a very variegated variety of patterns, decorative jaspers have a structure that is uniform in density, excellent for finishing a cutting tool. The abrasive properties of jasper, like most natural whetstones, are provided by a grain of silicon oxide, and to a lesser extent - aluminum oxide. But unlike shales and sandstones, the content of silicon oxide in jasper is higher - up to 74%, and aluminum oxide - up to 15%. However, the particular efficiency of using jasper as an abrasive material, t.s. The “highlight” of their work is given by very rich impurities of metal oxides in the composition of this mineral. These are iron oxide (up to 3%), potassium oxide (up to 3.5%), sodium oxide (up to 2.5%), calcium oxide (up to 1.5%), and also in smaller quantities - oxides of magnesium, manganese and other metals that give a polishing effect on the workpiece and an exceptionally beautiful, bright color of the stone itself. All this combination of chemical elements gives a magnificent effect during abrasive treatment with jaspers, which cannot be confused with anything and which, having tried it once, it will be difficult to refuse in the future. These specimens of the bars are finished and completely ready for work. They have been tested on both carbon and stainless steels and have shown excellent results at 8,000 Japanese grits when compared to synthetics. Overall dimensions of the bar: 152x24x5mm. Both sides of these bars are finished, but only one is suitable for sharpening, you can stick it on the form. Jasper is very hard, it will be extremely rare to turn to the alignment procedure.
Material Jasper
Size 70x20x10mm
Weight 60g


8000 JIS
Dimensions (edit)
Polishing Lubricant
60 g.
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