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The Charnley Forest slate measures 150x25x6mm, mounted on a 161x25x3mm form with 45 degree edges.

Charnley Forest is one of the rarest, fastest and finest working English slates. Moreover, most of the others are applicable to knives. The stone may have brown, yellowish, green and whitish streaks, this does not affect the work of the stone. Completely universal in the use of coolant. The stone can be used with water, with oil, with its own suspension and with a suspension of other stones. With oil it works thinner and a little slower, conditionally 8000-10000 JIS, with water it is faster, but rougher, conditionally 6000-8000 JIS.

Also, the stone is universal to the methods of use. It is ideal for both guiding micro-leads and finishing work on the entire lead. And again, unlike most slates, it easily handles most steels. Directly this stone is chosen as harder and most applicable for sharpening knives.

The Charnley Forest stone deposit is located in the Charnwood Forest near Mount Sorrel in Leicestershire, England (Charnwood Forest, Mount Sorrel, Leicestershire). In addition to industrial mining of this stone, such as the Whittle Hill quarry, the surrounding forests and swamps abound with this rock.

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