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Chicago screw with decorative anodized washer (blue)
Belt screw "Chicago", black, open. Used to join layers of leather or thermoplastic sheet materials (BOLTARON, HOLSTEX, KYDEX) in the process of making scabbards, holsters, magazine cases, etc. The thickness of the materials to be joined is from 6.5 to 11 mm. The head of the nut is with a slot for a flat screwdriver. Flat head screw with hexagon socket.

Screw head diameter - 8mm
Nut head diameter - 10mm
Leg length - 6.5mm
Leg diameter - 5mm
Thread - M4
Screw thread length - 4.5mm
Black color
Type - open
Material - steel
The decorative washer is made of anodized aluminium, the color is blue. Designed to work with conical screws, with flat and oval heads. These washers are used for finishing decorative finishing in the manufacture of scabbards, holsters, cases, etc. When added to any design, they give the product a rich, finished look, providing a smooth visual transition between the exposed screw edges and the plastic surface for a more professional finish. Decorative washers also increase the reliability of the connection, eliminating the loosening of the fixing screws due to contact friction.
Washer diameter - 10mm
Hole diameter - 4mm
Washer height - 2.5mm
Inclination angle of the inner wall - 45 degrees
Color - red
Material - anodized aluminum
The weight of the screw with a decorative washer is 2 grams.


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