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3VТМ presents HLAD`S cleaning solution, unique in its composition and quality parameters. HLAD`S cleaning solution is excellent for removing residues and traces of iron hydroxide-rust-inclusions and traces of red color from the surface of abrasive bars, which are formed as a result of interaction with water vapor and air oxygen of metal microparticles embedded in the surface micropores of the bar during material processing from high carbon steel.
HLAD`S cleaning solution can also be used to remove from the surface of abrasive bars, including particles of the used abrasive of the bar and microparticles of removed metal.
To obtain the desired effect, it is enough to put the bar on a paper or rag pad moistened with HLAD`S cleaning solution, all this - on a waterproof substrate (plastic file), apply a layer of HLAD`S cleaning solution on the surface of the "reddened" bar - it is possible through moistened with HLAD `S cleaning solution paper napkin or rags, cover with a soft plastic cape (file) and wait for a while. The chemically active components of HLAD`S cleaning solution will convert rust into a colorless water-soluble form, and the surfactants of HLAD`S cleaning solution will extract oil on the surface of the bar by osmotic pressure - in the case of an oil bar, or water - in the case of a water stone, with inclusions of microparticles of the removed metal , "settled" in the pores of the bar. In the case of a heavily soiled bar, repeatedly wipe the surface of the bar with a rag soaked in HLAD`S cleaning solution. And what is very important - during the cleaning process, do not allow the bar to dry out, because the active ionic components of HLAD`S cleaning solution work only in a humid environment.
After finishing the treatment, rinse the bar to be cleaned with running water and wipe it with a rag.
HLAD`S cleaning solution has a unique natural composition with a slight acid reaction, harmless to the skin of the hands, but given that this composition, when used appropriately, removes even traces of fat, we recommend that the skin of the hands after it be washed in running water and moistened with cream.
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250 ml
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