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A copper rivet or rivtun (Copper Rivet & Burr), manufactured by Craftool, is a fitting consisting of two parts (rivets and washers), which is designed to implement a one-piece connection of structural parts of leather scabbards, belts, pouches and other leather goods. Also, rivtun can be used to decorate things made of leather, textiles, cardboard, plastic, etc. Rivtun is essentially a one-sided holniten, where on one side of the parts to be joined there is a hat and on the other - an open flared leg fixed with a washer. The front cap has a diameter of 9mm, the length of the stem is 14mm (1/2”), the diameter of the stem is 3.4mm. The thickness of the material layers to be joined is up to 10 mm. Copper rivets are reliable, corrosion-resistant fasteners. They are easy to mount with a special manual installation tool. The rivet tool is made of hardened steel, has two holes for the rivet leg (end and side, they are used for stuffing the washer on the rivet leg), as well as a round end inside for expanding the open end of the rivet and washer. To install holnitens, you also need a punch (cutter) of the holes into which the leg enters - its diameter should correspond to the diameter of the leg or be slightly larger so that the base of the cap easily enters this hole and the cap is pressed tightly against the connected parts of the material.
Country of Origin USA
Manufacturer: Craftool
Head diameter 9mm
Rivet length 14 mm
Leg diameter 3.4 mm
Max. thickness of connected parts 10.00 mm
Material copper
Weight 3 grams


Head diameter
Middle part diameter
Length of the middle part
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