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Block of heat-treated ash wood, size 120x40x30mm
A bar made of heat-treated ash wood with a size of 120x40x30mmThermowood is an excellent analogue of natural types of wood, it has unique performance characteristics, excellent appearance and a very wide scope of use.
Thermal wood is an environmentally friendly natural material, absolutely safe for human health. After heat treatment, the decorative and aesthetic properties of wood are noticeably improved, a noble dark shade appears and the spectacular structure of wood fibers appears. Heat treatment gives even inexpensive wood species the appearance of valuable species.
Thermal wood is obtained as a result of sawn timber undergoing heat treatment with superheated steam at a temperature of 180 to 240 degrees without the use of synthetic additives and compounds. Heat treatment of blanks is carried out in special closed chambers for 24 hours. Heated steam acts as a protective environment, it does not allow the burning of lumber and actively participates in chemical reactions. After high-temperature heat treatment, wood is subjected to long-term cooling.
Heat treatment significantly affects the improvement of the mechanical and physical properties of wood:
- improves the stability of geometric dimensions under the influence of adverse environmental factors (10-15 times)
- hygroscopicity is significantly reduced (the ability to absorb moisture in thermal wood is reduced by 5-6 times). After a long stay in a humid environment, the maximum moisture content of raw thermowood does not exceed 9-10 percent. In this case, subsequent drying occurs very quickly.
- thermal wood is resistant to biological damage, because, under the influence of temperature, substances are modified that can serve as a source of nutrition for various microorganisms.
- thermal insulation characteristics are 30 percent higher than natural wood, so it has a much more pleasant tactile response, as if warm to the touch.
- thermal wood products have a much longer service life than heat treated wood products.
All this happens due to the fact that as a result of exposure to high temperatures, the structure and density of wood changes, polysaccharides, resin, cellulose almost completely burn out from wood, and lumber fibers are modified and “caramelized”.


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