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Diamond paste is used for fine grinding and polishing of natural, artificial stone, glass, sapphire, ferrite, ceramics, cermets, metals and alloys, has an abrasive and chemical effect on the treated surface. They create finely dispersed emulsions and contribute to a more uniform distribution of the abrasive (diamond) in the working area.
Application of diamond paste: soft grinding, pre-polishing, fine finishing.
The composition of the pastes includes micropowders from synthetic diamonds of the ACM or ASN grade, fillers and binders.
Deciphering the abbreviation NOMG - N-normal fraction of the abrasive; O-washes off with organic solvents; M-ointment-like consistency; G-processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys, non-metallic materials

Using diamond polishing pastes in the work contributes to a significant increase in labor productivity and guarantees excellent results.

The Roks company offers you to buy diamond paste 40 g in Kyiv at a low price. Pickup or delivery throughout Ukraine.


Country of origin
Poltava Diamond Tools
Abrasive material
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