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Diamond paste is used for fine grinding and polishing of natural, artificial stone, glass, sapphire, ferrite, ceramics, cermets, metals and alloys;
surface abrasive and chemical attack.

They create finely dispersed emulsions and contribute to a more uniform distribution of the abrasive (diamond) in the working area.

Application of diamond paste: soft grinding, pre-polishing, fine finishing.

The composition of the pastes includes micropowders from synthetic diamonds of the ACM or ASN grade, fillers and binders.

N-normal proportion of elbor O-washed off with organic solvents M-greasy consistency G-processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys, non-metallic materials

Using diamond polishing pastes in your work, you will quickly notice that their use contributes to a significant increase in labor productivity and guarantees excellent results.

The Roks company offers you to buy diamond paste 40 g in Kyiv at a low price. Pickup or delivery throughout Ukraine.


Country of origin
Poltava Diamond Tools
Abrasive material
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