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Digital goniometer (inclinometer, angle measuring device) is designed to measure the angle of sharpening when working with manual grinders. The device has one plane with three built-in magnets, the angle is measured relative to this plane. With a metal body and a wider footprint, the digital protractor measures more accurately and is more comfortable to use than other similar measuring instruments.

Three buttons are used to control the digital inclinometer:

Button ON / OFF - on / off the device.

Tilt% /HOLD button – is used to switch units of measurement (degree/percentage), as well as to fix the measurement results (holding the obtained value of the measured value on the LCD screen, regardless of the position of the device in space).

The ZERO button is used to calibrate the inclinometer relative to a given measurement surface and to turn on / off the display backlight.

The digital inclinometer is supplied with a box for storing the instrument and a screwdriver for removing the back cover. To install the batteries in the protractor, it is necessary (in the off state) to unscrew the screws on the rear panel of the device and, according to the indicated polarity, install two batteries and screw the cover back on.

Additional characteristics:

Country of origin - China
Units of measurement - degrees / percent
Magnetic mounting platform - yes (bottom)
Resolution - 0.05 degrees
Possibility of calibration relative to a given surface - yes
Display type - liquid crystal
Power supply - AAA small batteries
Body material - metal
Working temperature range - from -10 to 40 degrees Celsius
Dimensions - 52x52x26 mm
Weight - 170 grams
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