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Stone for manual sharpening from HLAD`Stone FINE 150x70x20mm is a unique product made of artificial abrasive - porcelain corundum from 3VTM. The grit of the HLAD`Stone FINE bar corresponds to 1000 grit according to the JIS system. The bond is medium soft.
In terms of their main properties and characteristics, HLAD`Stone FINE sharpening stones fully correspond to all similar parameters of the best specimens of Japanese water stones. Very high abrasive ability, while processing on this stone leaves excellent surface finish, excellent tactile response and high edge resistance - all this is inherent in HLAD`Stone FINE bars. In addition, unlike Japanese water stones, HLAD`Stone involves impregnation with oil-containing compounds, after which almost any coolant can be used with it without restrictions. Also, a distinctive feature of HLAD`Stone FINE bars is that the extremely high characteristics of metal surface treatment obtained when using it do not lead to restrictions associated with the operating regulations, like Japanese water stones. Namely, HLAD`Stone bars are not whimsical in storage, they are not afraid of the influence of elevated temperatures or exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity or sudden thermal changes. HLAD`Stone stones are also inert to the effects of acidic and alkaline environments, i.e. unlike classic water pipes, they can be cleaned using household detergents.
During operation, HLAD`Stone stones quite actively release a suspension rich in microalumina, which has a very positive effect on the quality of sharpening, breaks the teeth of the microsaw on the cutting edge, making them smaller, which significantly increases the resistance to blunting, especially when working with hard hypereutectoid steels, while cut aggression is maintained.
In order to speed up the formation of a suspension at the beginning of work, you can use a nagura from HLAD`Stone. HLAD`Stone's Nagura stone is made from the same material and using the same technology as grinding stones, so it can also be purchased as a test stone in order to be convinced of the exceptional properties of the material of HLAD`Stone stones. Naguru HLAD`Stone can also be used as a camping abrasive stone for sharpening outdoor knives in the field. Also, nagura from HLAD`Stone can be used to clean the surface of the plateau in case of dirt or grease on it. When using nagura, it is necessary to pre-soak both the nagura and the sharpening bar itself in clean water at room temperature for 5-10 minutes.
In general, HLAD`Stone stones combine aggressive removal of metal from the treated surface, softness of work and cleanliness of the resulting surface after processing. At the same time, they are unpretentious in operation, maintenance and storage. Pollution from the surface of the stone can be washed off with a soapy solution, followed by rinsing with clean water without the slightest risk of damaging the stone. At the same time, the HLAD`Stone water whetstone gives results at the level of the best samples of Japanese water stones. Such unique properties of HLAD`Stone stones are achieved due to the specific, unique to this brand composition of the base stone base and a special production technology.
So, for example, stone blanks are cut out of the abrasive-ceramic base obtained after annealing only after the surface layer is cut off from it. Next, the workpieces undergo multi-mode annealing to relieve internal mechanical stresses and after that - impregnation with special compounds. After that, HLAD`Stone stones are again subjected to multi-stage high-temperature drying, cleaning, and only after that they go to sawing blanks. This is followed by milling, manual adjustment of the planes, finishing surfaces to a high degree of purity, removal of radial chamfers at the corners, “cheering up” and polishing of blanks, as a result of which the stone finally acquires all its properties and receives a marketable appearance. Both surfaces of the stone (regardless of the applied inscriptions) are working, brought to a state of possible use immediately after the acquisition of the bar. The stone production process takes three months.
The feeling of using HLAD`Stone sharpening stones is a mixture of three feelings - surprise, pleasure and annoyance. Surprise at the quality of the work of the stone, pleasure from working with this stone, and annoyance that this stone was not purchased earlier. The first and third sensations quickly disappear, and the feeling of pleasure from working with this beautiful stone will remain for a long time and will arise every time you work with magnificent HLAD`Stone stones ...

Country of origin Hungary
TypeSharpening stone
Grain Fine
Recommended coolant Oil, water
Size150x70x20 mm
Weight420 gr.

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