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The double sided glass platform is designed to be used with honing pastes and cutting slurries. The dimensions of the working surface are 200x100mm, which corresponds to the dimensions of full-size grinding stones of medium size. The thickness of the platform is from 19 to 21mm, which allows you to install it when working in a standard holder for sharpening bars.
The double-sided glass platform is recommended for use with both abrasive pastes, such as diamond or elbor (grain size 10 µm and below), and Hlad’s tumbling slurries (grit from F400 to F1200). One side of the platform is matted with sandblasting, the surface roughness corresponds to grit F600. On the matted surface of the platform, you can induce a suspension with any slurs and nagura on a natural or synthetic basis. Also, the non-matt working glass surface of the platform can be used for gluing polishing films.
The double-sided glass platform is an inexpensive, versatile and exceptionally effective tool for sharpening and finishing operations when sharpening by hand or carpentry tools using wheeled sharpeners (for example, the Veritas Mk. II Honing Guide sharpening system). Also, the advantage of this type of sharpening is a very wide range of processed steels in terms of hardness. Processing of very hard metals is exceptionally effective, since sharpening is carried out practically on a free abrasive, sparingly, without damaging the carbide structure of hypereutectoid steels. At the same time, the glass platform has an exceptionally flat working surface, the distortion of the platform geometry during operation is very small.

Country of origin Ukraine
Material Glass
Dimensions 200x100 mm
Weight 550
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