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Epoxy adhesive

Unlike most compounds and adhesives, products made using epoxy resins can be called practically harmless in the manufacturing process (epoxy hardeners usually have a slight smell of urea) and absolutely environmentally friendly in further use, i.e. after polymerization. Such products are odorless, not afraid of exposure to water and most aggressive reagents, non-hygroscopic. In the manufacture of castings or gluing, the shrinkage of epoxy resin is less than 0.5%, which allows you to very accurately calculate the dimensions of the future product. A wide range of fillers and plasticizers can be used. Epoxy resins have a very long shelf life, about 5 years. Epoxy has very good adhesive properties and is not chemically aggressive during application. The specific gravity of the cured epoxy resin is significantly less than that of most similar components, while, as a rule, with comparable strength.
Epoxy has a significant curing time. The epoxy product stops sticking already, as a rule, after an hour. In a day, it gains up to 75% of its nominal strength. However, it is recommended to carry out mechanical processing on the hardened epoxy resin not earlier than after a week.

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