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TOLEDO SUPER is a liquid alcohol one-component deep penetration dye (manufactured by KENDA FARBEN, Italy) for vegetable and chrome tanned leather, as well as mixed tanned leather. The paint can be applied with a sponge, brush, spray or dipping. TOLEDO SUPER paints are fast drying and resistant to wear. TOLEDO SUPER paint has a very high coloring power. It lays as evenly as possible on the painted surface, without tonal differences, retains the softness of the skin and does not change its original quality. Due to deep penetration into the skin, the TOLEDO SUPER dye has a high color stability, levels out defects associated with abrasion and minor mechanical damage. The paint can be applied in several layers until the desired shade and color uniformity are obtained. Before applying the next coat of paint, the previous coat must dry completely. Since the pores of the skin remain open after painting, it is necessary to finish the painted surfaces with various finishes in order to increase the resistance of the skin to moisture and other adverse environmental influences (ultraviolet, temperature and humidity changes, etc.). After applying the finish coat, the surface of the leather should be polished with a soft cloth to add shine and remove the remnants of the processing process. During storage, alcohol-based dyes are quite resistant to temperature changes. However, freezing and overheating should be avoided.

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