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Today, flint and steel are part of the necessary equipment for rapid reaction forces and soldiers in many armies of the world. The fire starter is made of a ferrocerium alloy. The rod with a diameter of 8mm and a length of 80mm allows you to strike a spark when it hits a hard surface, such as the butt of a knife. The fire starter has a comfortable handle with a hole for a lanyard and a case that can be attached to a scabbard or other items of equipment using two holes with a diameter of 5 mm.
To cut sparks, it is necessary to remove the protective layer from the surface of the rod. The spark beam produced by carving has a high temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius, so it can be effectively ignited even under adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind or low pressure at high altitude. For a more confident ignition, it is recommended to use magnesium shavings.

Country of origin - China
Material - ferrocerium alloy
Dimensions - 80x30x11mm
Weight - 43 grams with mounting screws


Country of origin
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