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Aluminum blank 161x25x3mm coated with a layer of getinax 155x24x6mm for use as a lapping platform when sharpening and finishing cutting tools.
Getinaks is a layered pressed material having a paper base impregnated with phenol-formaldehyde resin (bakelite). Bakelite is one of the most common organic bond bases for abrasive bars. Therefore, getinax certainly has all the necessary properties for use as a lapping surface for sharpening. It is hard enough to effectively resist the abrasion of the bar and distortion of its geometry, but at the same time it is soft enough to caricature abrasive grains, as well as damping excessive pressure on the bar by the tool being sharpened. The aluminum blank coated with a layer of getinax is the ideal lap for finishing cutting tools from 14 µm down to the finest grains (0.1 µm). At the same time, large grains from abrasive screening, when pressed, easily go deep into the getinaks without giving a parasitic risk on the treated surface. Therefore, this processing option gives a very high uniformity of the risks on the supply during sharpening and finishing. To work with getinaks on the blank, you can use both diamond and elbor pastes (for example, produced by the Poltava or Venevsky plants), as well as Gunny Juice polycrystalline diamond emulsions or Hlad's sluri based on ceramic corundum or moissanite.
Getinaks on an aluminum blank finished and completely ready for work.

Country of origin Ukraine
Type Aluminum blank with getinaks
Lapping material getinaks
Blank material aluminum
The size of the form together with the getinaks is 161x24x9 mm
The thickness of the blank without getinaks 3 mm
Working plane size155*25 mm
Getinaks thickness 6 mm
Dovetail mount
Blister packaging
Weight 65 g
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