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Tapestry needle No. 22 is most suitable for hand-stitching leather products with a flat waxed thread of 1 mm. This is a high-quality needle that can withstand side loads well when working with thick and dense materials such as leather. Its length is 40 mm, the diameter of the needle is 0.9 mm, and the transverse dimension of the eye is 1.3x0.7 mm. For sewing with this needle, it is initially necessary to make markings on the skin and make holes for the seam. Holes can be made with a diamond-shaped punch, but it will be more comfortable to work if the holes are drilled with a 1.5mm drill. Then the thread will not be bitten by the skin, two threads will pass through one hole at the same time, and the needle will also pass through the hole quite easily. In this case, the result of the work will look neat.

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