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The SABITORU 120 grit eraser (the inscription on the eraser is white) is designed to remove darkening, stains and rust from metal.

When darkening, rust spots and other signs of corrosion appear on the blade of a knife, it is always unpleasant. This is especially true for carbon steel blades. With all the advantages over stainless steel (easy cut, simplicity and ease of sharpening, the duration of retention of sharpness and at the same time relative cheapness), carbon steel rusts and therefore requires certain maintenance regulations. Stainless steel is also a relative term. There are no steels that are absolutely resistant to corrosion. Under certain conditions of external influences, stainless steel can also tarnish, become covered with pockets of pitting, etc. There are many ways to deal with this phenomenon - from processing with various chemical compositions, ending with abrasive processing up to a complete regrind. However, this is inconvenient, expensive, and, as a rule, requires the use of various additional special equipment.

To quickly remove traces of minor corrosion on the blade, a special eraser is very convenient to remove darkening, stains and rust from the metal. If such an eraser is at hand, no special mechanical devices and chemical solutions are required, as well as skills in their use, there is no need to completely regrind the blade, have running water or chemical reagents nearby. You can restore the original appearance of the knife in a matter of minutes by rubbing the surface of the blade first with a coarse eraser, and then removing scratches from the metal surface with a fine-grained one. Country of origin Japan. Produced by Chukyo Kenma. Grit 120 grit. Type of delivery blister. Purpose Medium processing. Eraser dimensions 65 x 40 x 9mm

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