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Titanium screws are designed for use in fastening structures of knives, mainly folding ones, they have many advantages over screws made of other materials. Titanium screws are light, very strong, corrosion-resistant, highly resistant to mechanical stress and are not susceptible to plastic deformation.
Distinctive features of titanium as a material is the possibility of applying an oxide film on its surface. At the same time, this film is transparent in itself, but due to the interference of light (superposition of reflected waves from the titanium-oxide and oxide-air boundaries), it gives an amazingly beautiful surface color. The colors of this color depend on the film thickness, and the thickness depends on the anodizing time of the titanium surface. Therefore, the screws can not only securely twist the design of the knife, but also serve as a kind of handle inlay.

Screw M2 titanium 10mm (full size), head - cylindrical height 2mm and diameter 3.7mm.
The type of slot of titanium screws is Torx (star, asterisk, torx), i.e. in the form of a six-pointed star. If necessary, the screws can be easily shortened to the desired size.

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