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Hapstone Dressing Stone is designed for fine cleaning of the working surface of very fine-grained stones, removing metal chips from the intergranular space (loading), slightly trimming the geometry of water bars and, as a result, restoring their performance. Hapstone Dressing Stone is 1000 grit FEPA and has a very soft bond. The abrasive grain is complex, consisting of a synthetic abrasive of white electrocorundum and a very fine quartz powder. The Hapstone Dressing Stone can also be used as a slurry guide on sharpening stones of appropriate grit. Before using Hapstone Dressing Stone, it must be soaked for 5-10 minutes. These nagura are produced in two form factors - 75x50x25mm (for working with full-sized stones) and 154x25x10mm (for working with apexoid formats). This stone is designed for Hapstone stones and is sometimes supplied with full size stones, but this cleaning nagura is also well suited for the same task on all water sharpening stones from other manufacturers.

Overall dimensions of a small bar - 154x25x10mm, weight 70 gr.


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