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The sharpener is supplied WITHOUT STONES!

The next version of the sharpener is presented - Hapstone R2 from the manufacturer of such sharpeners as Hapstone Pro series, which have already become the legend of apexoid variants, versions M2, R1, T1, etc.

The Hapstone R2 Black sharpener has the same construction as the Hapstone R2 Classic, but in contrast to the Classic - Black sharpener it has a different delivery set. The starter kit does not include the straight side clamps and the center single clamp, but does include two curved universal clamps. A pair of curved clamps, brought together can perfectly perform the function of a single clamp, and the side supports significantly expand the range of lengths of the processed blades and improve the reliability of their installation. The Hapstone R2 Black also comes with a digital Hapstone protractor.

The Hapstone R2 sharpener is a departure from the previous ideology of the company, which was aimed at creating a universal device, optionally equipped with all imaginable devices, combining completely different ideologies ("apex" version and a rotary mechanism) in one device. At the moment, these two areas are separated and each has its own line of sharpening devices from budget to top-end. The Hapstone R2 sharpener represents just the upper price and optional category of machines with a rotary mechanism. Here's how Hapstone R2 differs from its classmates:

- new system of triple detachable clamps;

- original adjustable clamps with stainless steel springs;

- modular approach to the organization of the machine, allowing for prompt modernization;

- an innovative solution for the design of the hinge unit - a linear rolling ball bearing is used, which provides absolutely smooth, without the slightest effort, movement of the horizontal guide, does not require lubrication and cleaning, withstands any heavy operating conditions;

- traditionally for the top models of Hapstone sharpeners, the presence of additional optional devices - the clutch for fine adjustment of the sharpening angle is included in the basic delivery set;

- the ability to rotate the vertical guide around its axis by 360 degrees;

- extended range of sharpening angles - 9 ° to 33 ° degrees;

- the ability to clamp blades with a butt up to 6mm.

Also from the previous models of Hapstone version R2 grinders got a parking stand and an excellent universal sharpening bar holder. The holder allows you to clamp any stone size from 0 to 160mm long. It has a narrow guide that does not block the view (the point of contact of the stone with the blade feed), which allows you to use any bars, both narrow and wide, of the Edge Pro and KME format. To improve the comfort of work, the pressure spring of the stone holder is hidden inside the guide. Some of the parts are anodized, some are powder painted. The massiveness of the machine can also be called traditional for Hapstone sharpeners (all main parts are made of metal), which, together with the tactile rubber coating of the support surfaces, gives it excellent stability on the mounting surface without additional fasteners. And, of course, already familiar to Hapstone products - quick and easy assembly.


Country of origin
Crimp sharpening range
9 to 33 degrees sideways
Bed material
Cardboard box
Sharpener weight
2.7 kg
with swivel mechanism
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