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Hindostan whetstone size 200x25x6.5mm, glued on the blank, is intended for use in manual sharpeners of the "apex" type or sharpeners with a rotary mechanism.
Hindostan whetstone rock is sandstone, mainly composed of quartz. Hindostan has a very characteristic layered coloration ranging from pale gray or beige to dark brown. There are also bars of orange color. A distinctive feature is the longitudinal stripes.
Hindostan got its name from the name of the area where it was mined - a settlement in the state of Indiana, USA. This breed has been used as a grinding stone for a long time, since the 19th century. At the same time, the most popular whetstones for sharpening were vashits and Hindostan is often compared with them both in historical context and in terms of characteristics. Hindostan, like washita, gives the cutting tool high cutting aggression and increases resistance to blunting. Hindostan stands out among natural stones with a very high speed of work. The abrasive power of Hindostan is in the range of 800-1500 grit (JIS) when compared to synthetic stones.
Hindostan is universal in terms of coolant use, it can work with both oil and water. With oil Hindostan gives a higher surface finish, but works a little slower than with water. To date, the rock from which the Hindostan whetstones were made is no longer mined due to the depleted resources of this stone.

Name Hindustan
Country of origin USA
Grain 800-1500 grit (JIS)
Delivery type on the form
Dimensions 200x25x6.5mm
The weight 110 gr.


Country of origin
1500 JIS
on aluminum plate
Dimensions (edit)
Polishing Lubricant
water, oil
110 g.
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