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800-1500 grit (JIS)
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The Hindostan whetstone is a sandstone formed by grains of quartz. It has colors ranging from pale gray to dark brown. There are also bright orange bars. A distinctive feature are the longitudinal stripes.
Known since the 19th century. It got its name from the settlement of the same name in the state of Indiana, USA. Often, in terms of the quality of work, the stone is compared with the legendary Vashita. This is due to the fact that the finish or pre-finish with this stone gives the cutting edge excellent cut quality.
As you know, if we talk about knives, the knife cuts not so much with sharpness as with micro-teeth from the abrasive. So Hindostan creates an excellent “microsaw” on the cutting edge. On the one hand, this gives a wonderful cut, on the other hand, this “microsaw” is quite stable. After Hindustan, the knife easily cuts a paper napkin. The stone works very quickly. If you try to compare the abrasive ability of Hindustan with synthetic stones, you can conditionally designate it as 800-1500 Japanese grit.
You can work on stone with both water and oil. With water, the stone works more aggressively and quickly, with oil it is thinner and a little slower. It is also possible to work with native stone suspension and suspensions of other stones. An important feature of working on Hindustan is the effect of sealing the cutting edge. This is due to the fact that the grains of Hindustan have a rounded shape, sometimes oblong.

Every day, the stone becomes more and more rare and, accordingly, more expensive. Since the resources of the stone are selected and more Hindustan is not mined.


Country of origin
800-1500 grit (JIS)
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