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Sharpening stone HLAD’s Stone Ultra Fine

Technological processes for the manufacture of sharpening bars traditionally have a low dynamics of change, and even eminent Japanese manufacturers of sharpening bars, generally accepted leaders in this field, may not introduce any innovations into established production processes for decades. This is due to the rather high cost component of the development and implementation of new solutions. And the more significant is perceived each novelty in the market of whetstones for abrasive processing, causing keen interest of both professionals and lovers of sharpening.

Introduced a new abrasive platform for sharpening from HLAD'Stone, developed by British technologists, is a completely new word in the field of sharpening synthetic ceramic stones. The basis of the abrasive composition of the ceramic whetstone for sharpening HLAD'Stone is single-crystal aluminum oxide. In addition to it, the composition of the stone includes many innovative additives that improve the abrasive properties of the grinding bar. These include, for example, polycrystalline silicon dioxide, which, in conjunction with cubic alumina, significantly accelerates the process of metal removal from the workpiece, while improving the final class of cleanliness of the resulting surface, which allows HLAD'Stone grinding platforms to combine the aggressiveness of metal removal with high final surface finish. Also, before baking, special disintegrants are introduced into the initial composition of HLAD'Stone platforms, which are responsible for the formation of an even structure of the thinnest alveoli, which are identical in lumen. As a result, this leads to the fact that during soaking in the bar there is no mechanical stress (it does not change its geometry when coolant is absorbed). The mass of the bar also includes polishing elements, which make it possible to obtain a higher surface finish of the material being processed, as well as particles that collect on their surface, due to the electrostatic effect, metal chips and sludge, which significantly enhances the cutting properties of the abrasive grain itself. The complex composition of adsorbents introduced into the structure of the binder makes it possible to improve the wettability of abrasive stone particles by various liquids. Therefore, the HLAD’Stone sharpening block is able to retain coolant for an exceptionally long time, regardless of whether it is ordinary water or oil. The bond of the stone is purely ceramic, which makes it possible to significantly simplify the procedure for caring for the stone, making it reliable, durable and unpretentious in maintenance, while making it possible to use absolutely any type of coolant.
The bar is recommended for wide use when sharpening cutting tools, both from carbon steel, and for high-alloy and stainless steels. The width of the bar makes it comfortable to use with Veritas Mk. II Honing Guide and similar sharpening systems. The ability to use both water-based and oil-based coolants as a lubricating fluid, as well as the unique grit makes HLAD’Stone an ideal solution for sharpening carpentry tools - chisels, planer irons, etc.

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