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Thermoplastic Holstex Raptor (leather) / Tactical Armor Black (Black armor) 2 mm thick, has a “braid” texture. The base size for which the price is indicated is 300x150mm. When buying two, three or four sheets of Holstex Raptor (leather) / Tactical Armor Black (Black armor) is released in one piece - 300x300mm, 450x300mm or 600x300mm, respectively.

Thermoplastic sheet material HOLSTEX, as well as similar material Kydex (Kydex), is intended for molding scabbards, holster and magazine cases, etc. In fact, HOLSTEX also consists of acrylic and polyvinyl chloride, like Kydex, however, is a newer development and continuation of this direction. HOLSTEX has significantly expanded the Kydex thermoplastic color range. The 20 HOLSTEX color shades almost never overlap with the Kydex solid color range, although there are also such popular positions as Black, Olive or Hunter Orange. The HOLSTEX thermoplastic does not have graphic camouflages and prints, like Kydex, but the most striking distinguishing feature of HOLSTEX is the presence of 4 types of textures that very accurately convey the texture of natural materials. Products from HOLSTEX no longer look like just a hard piece of plastic; visually, they are easy to confuse with genuine leather or carbon fiber. The textures offered by HOLSTEX are as follows:

- Raptor texture (skin);

- Carbon fiber texture (carbon);

- Basket weave texture (braid);

- Tactical texture (sandstone)

As well as Kydex (Kydex) - HOLSTEX allows temperature molding, while retaining its texture perfectly, does not tear when heated and allows for multiple reformatting. In addition, HOLSTEX is more scratch resistant than similar materials, but is not rigid or inflexible. All of these advantages greatly enhance the attractiveness of HOLSTEX finished products over other thermoformed sheet materials such as KYDEX or Boltaron, making HOLSTEX an obvious choice for hobbyists and thermoformers alike.

For the manufacture of products from HOLSTEX, you will need two sheets, in fact, of HOLSTEX itself (according to the size of the product with a margin), two boards and two thick sheets of thermal foam rubber. HOLSTEX sheets are heated in the oven or with a building hair dryer. After HOLSTEX is heated, the product (for example, a knife for which the sheath is made) lies between two sheets of hot HOLSTEX, which has become extremely soft, and all this is clamped between two sheets of thermal foam rubber, and those, in turn, between boards or in a special press. All this is tightly compressed with clamps for 10-20 minutes. Then the two halves of the finished form are connected with screws, eyelets or rivets, and the edges are trimmed with ordinary scissors. Then the edges are processed with sandpaper or on a grinder. Optionally, for example, a clip for fixing on a belt is added.


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