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The steel honing plate is designed for use with diamond and elbor abrasive pastes for sharpening various cutting tools used in woodworking. Basically, these are flat blades of chisels and plane irons. Sharpening with abrasive pastes on a lapping plate is especially effective for honing blades made from hard alloy tool steels. The plate is made of mild steel of a special composition and has a fine notch for better retention of the abrasive grain on the work surface. During the sharpening process, the grain of diamond or CBN is charred into the softer material of the lapping plate, creating an effective abrasive layer for processing the workpiece. Charged abrasive particles remain in the plate material and therefore, if a paste of a certain grain size is applied to the surface of the plate, only paste with the same grain size can be used in the future. In extreme cases, a transition to a larger abrasive size is allowed.

The plate can be used by laying it on a tactile mat or by fixing it in a whetstone holder. The plate has two working surfaces that can be used for two pastes with different grain sizes. However, to better meet the requirements of abrasive hygiene, it is recommended to use one paste plate with one grit. In this case, the honing plate can be permanently glued to a wooden stand for more comfortable work.

The plate is made of steel subject to corrosion when exposed to water or high humidity. This must be taken into account when using and storing it. Abrasive pastes typically contain anti-corrosion materials and are usually sufficient to provide sufficient protection to the insert when not in use. However, for additional rust protection, a thin layer of oil that does not polymerize and does not contain silicone can be applied. Store the honing plate in a dust-free place, preferably in a tightly closed container. It is necessary to apply an abrasive composition to the lap only as needed, immediately before use. The plate is used for finishing honing operations, therefore the abrasive grain size of the pastes is recommended to be used in the range from 1 to 10 microns.

To start sharpening on the lapping plate, apply a little abrasive paste to its working surface and rub it lightly. Then you can sharpen, as with conventional grindstones, with or without special devices. The plate has a high wear resistance, however, for more even wear, care must be taken to maximize the use of the entire working surface of the lap. It is imperative to monitor compliance with the conditions of abrasive hygiene - it is necessary to wipe off all excess abrasive from the blade when moving on to work on another plate. And also you need to wipe the surface of the lap after finishing work with it. If, when working with a lap, various kinds of devices are used to hold the angle of the tool being sharpened (wheels, sharpeners), the paste is applied only to two thirds of the plate in order to provide an area without abrasive for the sharpener roller. This will reduce unnecessary wear on the copper roller.
Country of origin Ukraine
Type Honing stone
Material stabilized mild steel
Size 203x76x9.5mm
Weight 1.17kg

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