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The Japanese company Naniwa was founded in Osaka in 1941. Its main activity is the production of various tools for sharpening cutting tools. Today Naniwa has an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high quality classic water grindstones and is recognized as the world leader in their production. Japanese Naniwa stones are the highest quality abrasives, which are produced using high-tech equipment and advanced methods. In addition to premium synthetic abrasives, Naniwa produces various profile accessories - holders and stands for stones, stones and plates for dressing sharpening cameos, etc.

           Professional series of Naniwa stones (Professional Stones or NANIWA CHOSERA for the Japanese market ) with dimensions 210x70x20 mm. This is a series of high quality stones intended for professionals who are professionally engaged in sharpening cutting tools. The word " Professional " in the name of the Naniwa Professional Stone seriesdoes not mean that it can only be used by specialists who are extremely good at sharpening techniques or that this series is designed to work with expensive exclusive blades. This series is assigned to the category of professional stones more due to its very high performance (in a number of Naniwa series, and in comparison with other brands of abrasives). It is this parameter that is emphasized by the creators of the Professional Stone series. But at the same time, these stones have a fairly strict operational regulations and work very differently with different types of steels. Therefore, the Naniwa Professional Stone seriesit is hardly advisable to buy for occasional sharpening of stainless steel kitchen knives. But if you spend several hours a day sharpening, while the range of sharpened products includes Japanese knives, blades and cutting tools made of high-carbon steels - this series will truly delight you.


        The Naniwa General Purpose Stone Series (Sharpening Stones or Naniwa Super Stones  for the Japanese market ) has the same sharpening stone sizes as the Naniwa Professional Stone Series. Designed for sharpening the widest range of cutting tools, both by purpose and by material of manufacture. Compared to the professional series of Naniwa stones, this series has a lower productivity, but at the same time it is less capricious in operation and more evenly treats different steels. The Naniwa General Purpose Sharpening Stone series can be purchased for both kitchen work and specialist workshop use.

The Naniwa Specialty Stone s series are multi-purpose stones for specialized tools. Those. this series is intended for use in workshops, either by specialists working with cutting tools or sharpening them (various tools made of carbon steel - iron planes, chisels, etc.).

The Naniwa series of traditional Japanese sharpening stones (Traditional Stone s) is designed to work with Japanese knives, blades and other cutting tools. If you have a fairly large number of Japanese knives in your arsenal, then the Naniwa Traditional Stone series is the best thing to buy to keep them sharpened in good condition.

 The Naniwa (Economical stones) series - as exhaustively characterized by the manufacturer itself - are economy-grade stones offering the renowned Naniwa quality at an affordable price. Actually, the reduction in the cost of abrasives of this series is achieved mainly by reducing the dimensions of the bar to 175x55x15 mm. At the same time, a good balance of cost and size of the work surface is maintained, suitable for sharpening most knives. The thickness of the stone has also been reduced to 15 mm. This is the minimum size that allows you to comfortably work with the stone without the risk of touching the table with your hand, if you do not use special stands. The stones are intended for domestic use such as sharpening kitchen knives and other cutting

 The series of combined stones Naniwa (Combination Stone s) is a combination of the series of economy class (Economical stones), which allows you to get Naniwa stones in a more compact format and at an even lower price.

NANIWA Combi Series Stone

 Accessories for Naniwa Abrasive Bars:

 Plane Leveling Stones for Naniwa Abrasive Bars

Stone holder

        Stone for surface cleaning and dressing of abrasive stones Naniwa (Dressing Stone). This stone is supplied either separately or as a set with selected full-size Naniwa stones. It can also be used with stones from other manufacturers. Dressing Stone Naniwa (Dressing Stone) serves for easy
dressing, removing "grease" and restoring the performance of the surface of water stones.