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Informative are the tables on the options for using stones from the SHAPTON Pro series for sharpening various types of knives. Below are tables with recommendations from Shapton on choosing a set of stones in the Pro series line with the correct (from the manufacturer's point of view) sequence and grit gradations of abrasives for sharpening specific models of knives, blades and tools. Japanese original names for various knives and tools are given in parentheses.


Japanese Kitchen Knives

Chopping Knife – нож для рубки (deba)       
Small Chopping Knife – нож для разделки мелкой рыбы (ko-deba)       
Sashimi Knife – нож для сашими (yanagi-ba)      
Knife for preparing Puffer (Fugu) Fish Sashimi (fugu-hiki) – нож для разделки рыбы пуффер      
Tuna Fish Knife – нож для тунца (maguro-kiri)       
Edo (Tokyo) Style Eel Knife – нож для разделки морского угря, Токио стиль (unagi-saki)       
Osaka Style Eel Knife Knife – нож для разделки морского угря, Осака стиль (unagi-saki)       
Noodle and Sushi Knives – нож для лапши и суши (soba-kiri, udon-kiri, sushi-kiri)       
Vegetable Knife – нож для овощей (na-kiri, warikomi-bocho)       


Even if you do not take into account the types of blades and steel grades, it immediately catches your eye that, as a rule, only 3-4 abrasives from the entire line of 9 stones are used to sharpen a particular knife. Moreover, there are "popular" bars that are found in the recommendations quite often, and there are those that are used literally for several models.


 European Knives in Stainless Steel

Chopping Knife (yo-deba), Knife for Cutting Frozen Foods (reito-kiri) – ножи для рубки и резки замороженных продуктов       
Meat Knife (gyuto), Fillet Knife (suji-kiri), Boning Knife (hone-suki) – ножи для мяса, филе и обвалки       
Poultry Knife (gara-suki) – нож для разделки птицы       
All Purpose Knife (peti-naifu/ petty knife) – ножи общего назначения (универсальные)       
Bread and Pastry Knife (kasutera-kiri) – хлебные и кондитерские ножи       
Household Knives (usu-ba-, tsuguri-, bunka-, santoku-Form) – бытовые ножи